Long Term Care Insurance

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Its hard to consider losing our independence.  However, this is the reality for many Americans that receive some form of custodial care at home, in assisted living, or a nursing home.  Unfortunately, many families wait to plan until it's too late and realize the overwhelming cost of long term care services, as high as $83,580* per year. With a little proactive planning families can take responsibility for their future.

  • Will a family member provide care temporarily?  If so, for how long? 
  • If care at home or in assisted living is needed, how will it be paid for?  From some combination of savings, income, and insurance?
  • How important is freedom of choice for where to receive care?

One piece of this planning is a long term care insurance policy.  These policies can be designed with the right combination of benefits to provide protection while still meeting your budget needs. 

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*Average cost of a private room in assisted living, according to Longtermcare.gov