Living Below Your Means: The Complete Beginners Guide

Living below your means is essentially the foundation on which financial freedom is built.

For exaliving-below-your-means-2-644x1024mple once you learn how to live within (or below) your means you can immediately forget about getting into debt, you can start paying off any existing debt and you can start putting money aside for the future.

Of course, if you’re struggling with finances right now that’s all easier said than done.

You already know that living below your means makes sense; you just need to know how to do it.

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How Can You Help Seniors Age At Home? First Ask What They Need, Then Help Them


Here’s an idea: If you want to know how to help frail older adults age at home, start by asking them what’s important. Then, provide the assistance they need to help them reach their goals. Their challenges, and the solutions to them, are usually pretty straightforward—a grab bar in the shower to prevent falls, good nutrition and medication management, or a bit of physical or occupational therapy to relearn how to safely perform daily tasks.

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Longevity Gene: Discovery Opens the Door to a Potential ‘Molecular Fountain of Youth’


A new study led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, represents a major advance in the understanding of the molecular mechanisms behind aging while providing new hope for the development of targeted treatments for age-related degenerative diseases.

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sixty-and-me_3-ways-being-a-mentor-can-improve-your-life-in-your-60s-740x416When you ask most people what they fear about getting older, they usually mention Alzheimer’s, a lack of financial stability or losing someone close to them.

These are all important issues, but, after talking with the women in our community, I am convinced that one of the most significant challenges that we face as older women is finding meaning in our lives.

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