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Life insurance is an important financial planning tool to ensure completion of your financial goals after you pass away. Some reasons life insurance is purchased areā€¦

  • To pay for final expenses associated with a funeral and burial. The Federal Trade Commission points out that these costs can exceed $10,000 for many funerals.
  • Estate Taxes
  • Settle your debts or financial obligations
  • Leave a gift for heirs, including children or grandchildren
  • Leave a gift for a chosen charity or cause
  • Supplement a small life insurance policy purchased years ago that has not kept pace with inflation

You may have additional reasons that are not listed. Additionally, even if you have a desire to purchase life insurance, you may have one of the following common questions.

Is life insurance expensive?

The cost, or premium, of life insurance depends on the benefit provided by the plan. Fortunately, this can often be adjusted to find the right balance between fitting your monthly budget and providing the financial protection you need.

Do I need to be in perfect health to get life insurance?

While certain policies do require you to be in good health, there are many that are designed without any health requirements.

Once I take out a plan, will my premiums always stay the same?

Again, there are different types of policies available, some that may have an adjustable premium and others that are guaranteed to stay the same.

Is 'final expense' insurance the same thing as life insurance?

Yes. Because funeral and burial costs can be so high, certain life insurance policies sold with this need in mind are called 'final expense' policies.

I would like to learn more, what's the next step?

You can call 1-800-258-7041 to speak with someone about your questions.