Getting Approved For Long Term Care Insurance

Being approved for long term care insurance requires a reasonable bill of health. So, as you are planning, realize the window to apply and be approved is not open forever.

The process of an insurer reviewing your health is called underwriting. On a long term care insurance application you will be required to answer health questions, provide information on prescriptions, take a phone health interview, and perhaps even visit with a medical professional.

From our statistics section, here is some data on decline rates at certain ages.

Health is important to getting approved. Percentage of applicants for insurance declined due to health reasons. 2010 LTCi Sourcebook – American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.

  • Younger than 50 – 9.5% declined
  • 50–59 – 14% declined
  • 60–69 – 23% declined
  • 70–79 – 45% declined
  • Older than 80 – 66% declined

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