Riders and Additions

Below is a list of riders and additions you should discuss with your agent.

Specific Riders

  • Protection against Inflation – With a 4.1% inflation rate a year of care in 30 years could cost well over $200,000. Protection against inflation is handled by choosing a larger daily benefit or with policy riders like 'Simple' inflation protection or 'Compound' inflation protection.
  • Shared Benefits – This feature allows a spouse that has exhausted their benefits dip into their spouse's benefits.
  • Non–Forfeiture – Generally a non–forfeiture benefit will allow some benefit to remain after you have stopped paying your premium.
  • Return of Premium – Refunds premiums to your beneficiary at time of death.
  • Survivorship Benefit – After a certain period of time, if one spouse dies, the other spouse's policy is considered paid up and no additional premiums are due.
  • Restoration of Benefits – Benefits are restored to their original levels if you receive benefits but then do not need them for a certain period of time.
  • 3rd Party Notification – this feature notifies a friend or family member if your premiums go unpaid to protect against an unintended lapse.
  • Waiver of Elimination Period for Home Health Care – this benefit waives your deductible if you require long term services in your home.
  • Spouse Benefit – For additional premium, some policies will provide benefits to a spouse who does not have their own long term care insurance.

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