Funding Your Plan

It is helpful to understand what factors drive your premium costs.
We will discuss these below along with creative options for paying for coverage.

  • Age – the older you are the higher your premiums will be. Over a 20–year time span the difference in waiting a few years to get coverage can significantly impact the total premium you pay.
  • Health – the healthier you are the lower your rate will be. If you have the ability to change certain behaviors – diet, weight, cholesterol, stress, etc – and can improve your overall health you can re–apply for coverage and try to get a more favorable rate.
  • Benefits – a $500 per day unlimited time plan will be more expensive than a $100 per day one year plan. The benefits you choose affect your premium. Fortunately you can adjust these to arrive at a solid benefit that also has a premium that fits you budget.

Long Term Care insurance is typically paid for through income or savings; however, there are other creative methods for paying for coverage.

  • Combine Your LTC Insurance with an Annuity
    With this arrangement the interest from your annuity funds all or part of your long term care insurance premium
  • Use Interest From Savings
    Take some of the interest from part of your investments and savings to pay for your insurance premiums.

Long Term Care insurance is a way of taking a small portion of nest egg and setting it aside to pay premiums that protect the rest of your life's savings.

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