What is a MedSup Plan

A MedSup policy, also known as Medigap or Medicare Supplement, serves to fill in the gaps of Medicare which can lower a policy holder's out of pocket costs. The various plans to choose from are represented by the letters A through N (new policies for E, H, I, and J are not currently available). In most states these policies are standardized so a Plan A will be a Plan A, a Plan F an F, and so forth. These plans are offered by private insurance companies.

The benefits covered are represented in the table below taken from the Guide to Choosing a Medigap Policy.

MedSup Chart

Being approved for a policy is assured if you are in a 'Guaranteed Issue' period. Otherwise, you must be in reasonably good health to be approved. The insurer will provide a list of health questions you must answer and request information on your prescription drugs. A comprehensive list of federally mandated Guaranteed Issue periods can be found in the Guide to Choosing a Medigap Policy. However, your chosen insurance company may offer additional windows to join with no health underwriting.

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