Open Enrollment & Guarantee Issue

Guarantee Issue periods are times when no insurer can decline your application for a Medigap policy. For seniors with past health issues, this may be the only time you can be approved for a supplemental plan. The most common guaranteed issue period is during your open enrollment – this starts the first month you are covered by Medicare Part B AND you are older than 65. You may also in a guaranteed issue period when you leave employer coverage or Medicare Advantage. Medicare provides more comprehensive information in their Guide to Choosing a Medigap Policy. In general, guaranteed issue periods can arise in the following situations.

  • Your Medicare Advantage plan leaves your coverage area or stops working with Medicare.
  • Your group health coverage that pays after Original Medicare is ending
  • You tried a Medicare Advantage plan when you were first eligible for Medicare Part A but in the first year you decided you didn't like it.
  • You switched from a Medigap policy to a Medicare Advantage for the first time but decided in the first year you didn't like it.
  • Your Medigap company has gone bankrupt, has not acted appropriately, or misled you.

Because the verification of these events may need to be proven, be sure to keep all correspondence in writing as proof.

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