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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

Unexpected Injury or Illness Can Happen to Anyone. Protect Yourself with Disability Insurance.

A disability could affect your ability to work for months or even years. Even if you become disabled for just six months, how would you cover your bills and medical expenses?

A policy from WAEMSP and AMBA can pay you a monthly benefit when you’re unable to work due to a disability.

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Disability Benefit

How it Works

It’s simple. You make two benefit choices – one for the monthly benefit amount you’ll need and the other for the benefit period. The options you choose can help you keep the cost within your budget.

  1. Your policy can pay up to 70 percent of your income (or a maximum of $4,000). If you have other valid disability coverage, the total monthly benefits received from this policy and your other coverage can pay a maximum of 70 percent of your income. There’s a waiting period before your benefits start to accrue.
  2. This is the maximum number of months your policy will pay a benefit. Think about how long you would need to receive monthly benefits if you were unable to work due to injury or illness.
  3. You’ll be asked a few health questions and there’s no requirement for a medical exam or medical information from your doctors. You may qualify for coverage regardless of your occupation (no exclusions).

How it Pays

You’ll receive monthly benefits after a waiting period has been satisfied when you are unable to work due to injury or illness.


A disability is covered by this policy if it occurs off the job and is not caused by or related to any employment.

TOTAL | When you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation due to injury or illness and you are not engaged in any occupation for wage or profit.

PARTIAL | When you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation at least 20 percent to no more than 50 percent of the time. In this situation we will pay 50 percent of the total monthly benefit for up to six months.

RECURRENT | If a related disability occurs within six months of returning to full-time employment OR an unrelated disability occurs within 30 days of returning to full-time employment, a new waiting period will not need to be satisfied.

WAIVER OF PREMIUM | We will waive your premium for the coverage after you are disabled for 90 days for as long as benefits are payable. Also, we will refund any premiums paid during this 90-day period.