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Long-Term Care

No one knows what the future holds in store. As people age, they may need help with things they once were able to do for themselves. Accidents and injuries mean younger people need long-term care services, too.

Long-term care doesn’t mean you have to go to a nursing home. Services are available in a variety of settings:

  • Home
  • Community
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Nursing Home

A long-term care insurance policy may be an important component of your overall plan for retirement.

  • Pays a portion of your long-term care expenses
  • Helps protect your retirement assets
  • Allows you to spend your retirement the way you planned

You could purchase a long-term care insurance policy,and...

  • Supplement your out-of-pocket expenses with policy benefits to help pay your long-term care expenses
  • Protect a portion of your assets so you can use them as planned
  • Stay connected to the things that matter most

Medical Transportation

Yes! MASA MTS will be there for you if you become ill or get injured and require local transportation by ground ambulance or helicopter or if you need to be transferred by air ambulance to an upgraded medical facility. Your MASA MTS plan will also get you specialized medical care that is not available locally.

Yes! If you get sick or injured and require hospitalization, MASA MTS can get you back home for treatment and recuperation. And if you require an air ambulance, MASA MTS will even send a relative or friend with you so you do not have to be alone. Plus your plan can return a stranded vehicle back to your home by a bonded driver.

Your attending physician and MASA MTS’s medical director determine when and where you will be flown. MASA MTS takes care of all the details and the transportation.

If you are in the U.S., call 911 first as you would normally do. Once you are safe and in stable condition, call MASA MTS and they will take care of everything.

If you are overseas, use the emergency services available in your area and then contact MASA MTS.

MASA MTS will cover the air waybill for returning the member’s remains to the airport nearest the member’s permanent address.

Your benefits start immediately once we receive your completed application.

Medicare Solutions

Every year, your Medicare supplement insurance policy benefits coordinate with your Medicare benefits to help you meet your eligible health care expenses, depending on the plan you choose. What’s more, you can be sure your benefits won’t decrease.

With your Medicare supplement insurance policy, you alone select all your health care providers to use whenever and wherever you choose. You don’t have to worry about your doctor or hospital leaving a provider network at any time.

Your Medicare supplement insurance policy cannot be cancelled. It will be renewed as long as you pay the premiums on time and make no material misrepresentations.

Whole Life Insurance

Yes! Acceptance is guaranteed for those between age 45 and 85.

You cannot be turned down for any health reason. Your acceptance is guaranteed. (Each insured may have a combined maximum of $25,000 coverage of this type from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company.)

There is absolutely no way that your rate can be increased. The affordable rate you start with is the rate you stay with – for life. You’ll never pay any more.

Just fill in the pre-approved application form and mail it in the postage-paid envelope with your payment. You will be billed your premiums and you’ll receive your policy. If you are not 100% satisfied, just return your policy to us within 60 days and your money will be refunded.

You cannot be canceled for any reason as long as your premiums are paid when due.

Term Life Insurance

In the event of death, provides cash that may be used to pay off debts, enabling the surviving spouse and children to keep the current lifestyle.

In the event of a covered disability, this rider provides cash that can be used to make mortgage payments for either 18 or 30 months, after a 90-day* elimination period.
*In MD – 120-day elimination period.

If the primary residence sustains $25,000 or more of damage, this provision allows the monthly base premiums and riders to be waived for one six-month period.

In the event of qualifying unemployment, provides for premiums to be waived for one six-month period.

At the end of the policy term, this provision provides for a refund of all premiums paid if the life insurance is no longer needed.


Disability insurance provides supplementary income in the event an illness or accident results in a disability. Benefits are usually paid monthly so the insured can maintain a comparable standard of living and pay recurring expenses.

Disability insurance may cover everything from total disability to rehabilitation and even the short period after you recover from your disability.

Hospital Indemnity

You would. Just the thought of not being in our own surroundings and in control of our lifestyle is uncomfortable. But, an accident or illness may leave you with no other choice for recovery and care. A Recovery Care insurance plan gives you the freedom to choose how you want to recover and where.


You have 60 day trial period

You will receive up to a 3 year supply of batteries. That's 40 cells per hearing aid.


Ideally, you'd have both, because your disability coverage may not provide you a lump-sum payment to help you to take care of day-to-day living expenses and still have money for your recovery. Accident coverage can pay a lump-sum benefit in addition to any disability coverage you may have. Also, most disability plans provide a reduced monthly benefit, and many are valid for just a limited time.

Your premiums are group premiums designed to make this coverage affordables.

Covered losses range from loss of hearing to more serious injuries, such as paralysis and brain damage.


An Tax-Deferred Asset Protection is a contract between you and an insurance company where you pay for the annuity in either a single lump sum or multiple payments over time. In return, the insurance company promises to make payments from the annuity to you in a single or series of payments. An Tax-Deferred Asset Protection is linked to an external equity index. Tax-Deferred Asset Protections can provide a steady, guaranteed income stream.

Tax-Deferred Asset Protections offer the opportunity for growth and a steady, guaranteed lifetime income stream, as well as protection from the uncertainty of market volatility. These benefits are designed to help you moderate risk and reward.

A Many people say the number one thing they will miss in retirement is a steady paycheck. Tax-Deferred Asset Protections can provide a steady, guaranteed lifetime income stream. Additionally, Tax-Deferred Asset Protections provide balance and help you moderate risk in your financial plan. Invrsting in an Tax-Deferred Asset Protection ensures earnings never fall below zero.