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Medical Transportation Plan

Medical Transportation

Shield Yourself From Financial Loss From Emergency Medical Transportation.

A ground ambulance or air transport could cost thousands. Medicare may not cover this. Medical Air Services Association (MASA) provides plans for lifesaving emergency transportation services. Services are paid in full, with no deductibles, co-pays, or dollar limits. Whether home or traveling, MASA covers your ambulance or airlift. Regardless of your age or medical condition.

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Medical Air Service

The Core of MASA Emergency Shield

  • Emergency Air Transport

    Coverage for all providers in all 50 states & Canada for both emergent air transports from a scene & emergent interfacility.

  • Emergency Ground Transport

    Transports by all providers in all 50 states & Canada are covered.

  • Non-Emergency Hospital to Hospital

    If the member needs to be transported to another hospital for higher level of care that is not immediately life-threatening, MASA arranges the transport.

  • International Repatriation

    If the member expected to be hospitalized for an extended period more than 100 miles from home, MASA can arrange for a transport back to hospital closer to home.

Medical Transportation

Additional Emergency Shield benefits

  • Minor Children/Grandchildren Return
  • Organ Transplant Transportation
  • Return Transportation
  • Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren Protection
  • Mortal Remains Return
  • Companion Return Transportation
  • Medical Payments Advisor
  • Visitor Transportation
  • Quarantine Expense Protection
  • Extended Hospital Stay Incidentals
  • Pet Return
  • Transportation to Hospital, Home, Rehab, Skilled Nursing, or Long-Term Care
  • Vehicle Return
  • Hospital Private Room Upgrade
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