Poverty Among Seniors Has Dropped

Census Says Less Poverty for Seniors Fewer American retirees are living in poverty, new research shows. The positive turn occurred in 2015, which also brought a significant upturn in median worker income.

Just 8.8% of Americans ages 65 and older were living in poverty last year—down from 10% in 2014 and among the lowest senior poverty rates of the past 60 years, the U.S. Census Bureau reports. Coupling that data with the rise in worker income, 2015 may mark an important turning point in what had been a slow recovery from the financial crisis and Great Recession.

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7 Tips for Budgeting in Retirement

7budgettipsEven if you have planned and saved well, your spending is likely to change during retirement. Some expenses will disappear when you stop working, while others will crop up. So, it is important to take time near the beginning of retirement to rework your budget to suit your new income and lifestyle. Here’s how to get your finances ready for retirement:

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Sensor Systems Identify Senior Citizens at Risk of Falling Within 3 Weeks


Each year, millions of people–especially those 65 and older–fall. Such falls can be serious, leading to broken bones, head injuries, hospitalizations or even death. Now, researchers from the Sinclair School of Nursing and the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri found that sensors that measure in-home gait speed and stride length can predict likely falls. This technology can assist health providers to detect changes and intervene before a fall occurs within a three-week period.

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